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PocketTV is a micro-set-top box the size of a thumb. It replaces traditional set-top boxes which are high cost and offer low flexibility. Because Pocket TV is built on Android, it allows telecom and cable operators to customize and roll out state-of-the-art services to their customers in as little as 3 months. PocketTV can offer end-users streaming services, games, media sharing, mirroring from a phone or tablet and over 1,000 customization options.

Rollout by cable operators can be as quick as 3 months and requires no installation or home visits by a technician. Additionally PocketTV is sold upfront to the end user therefore reducing the initial burden of investing in rolling out new set-top boxes. This reduces both CAPEX and OPEX by up to 85% and provides a quick go-to market strategy for telecom and cable operators to deliver state-of-the-art services in what is today a very competitive environment.




Pocket TV was designed to provide a ground-breaking TV Experience. The heart of this is your smartphone. Why reach for your remote when you can use your Apple or Android device as your controller?

Using the Pocket TV and Remote App together gives you the most intuitive, interactive, and powerful TV experience you can imagine. You have the freedom to control your viewing experience through a combination of Motion, Trackpad, Multi-Touch, or a Keyboard.

You can also push content such as pictures and videos from your phone to your TV so you can share your most precious moments with your whole family. It even allows you the freedom to push documents to your TV, open links remotely and get smartphone notifications on your big screen.

Air Remote

Don’t have a smartphone or prefer a more traditional TV experience? No worries. Just use the Air Remote.

The Air Remote is a revolutionary Pocket TV controller combining motion sensors, mouse-like features and a full keyboard functionality in one compact state-of-the-art design. It uses you’re hand’s motion to control the TV screen. You can click to select items, scroll, browse and even zoom in and out. And with a full keyboard on the back you can even type. Not just a couple of words but entire sentences. Even emails won’t be a problem!

With the Air Remote you will feel a natural connection with your Pocket TV. It’s so intuitive that you’ll wonder why nobody thought of it before.


Google Play

The Pocket TV was designed with access to the Google Play Store, putting all the apps and entertainment you love right on your TV. Google Play offers millions of songs, thousands of films and TV Show and over one million apps. Yes, that includes popular games like Angry Birds and Temple Run!



Watch your local TV channels as well as your favorite video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix or Hulu on the Big Screen and in Full HD Resolution with up to 1080p. The way it should be.


Why wait for Angry Birds to come to Xbox360 or PS3? Or how about racing and strategy games? They look so much better on your TV. Play it now on the Pocket TV.


Everyone has Pictures, Music, and Video on their smartphones/tablets however showing them on such a small device lacks impact. Share content to your TV via the Remote App and Pocket TV.


Is your TV connected to your Home Theatre System? Or do you have an Amplifier with HMDI inputs? If so, just plug them in the Pocket TV and listen to your digital music collection through your big speakers.


Keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends by getting mainstream channels like CNN and BBC on-demand. The stories you want, when you want them, right on your big screen TV.


Edit documents, read PDFs, review PowerPoint, or have a videoconference right in front of your TV. You can even send and receive emails from your new TV inbox. How cool is that!


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