The Pocket TV has caught the eyes of many. With it’s ability to turn any TV into a smart TV, no wonder people are talking about it. Below are some of the videos we have featured about the Pocket TV.

The Pocket TV:Makes Any TV a Smart TV

This is the video that started it all. As the feature video to the Kickstarter campaign (see here), it was paramount in gaining the attention of the technology community and the resulting backing of over $500,000 USD.

Infinitec Pocket TV Hands On Video#1

This is the first “hands-on” video focusing on how the Pocket TV connects to the TV, the AirRemote in action, some of the key apps in action, and using Google Play on the Pocket TV.

Infinitec Pocket TV Hands On Video#2

This is the second “hands-on” Video focusing on streaming apps and using Skype with the Pocket TV.

Infinitec Pocket TV Hands On Video#3

This is the third “hands-on” video focusing on various remote controls (including remote control apps) that work with the Pocket TV.

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Make any TV a Smart TV